It’s important to start by first knowing what you plan to do with a wireless router. If you need something for online gaming, you’ll probably need higher streaming speeds, multiple bands, and a few antennas. If you live in a small apartment, something simple and cheaper would do fine. However, big houses mean more antennas. Wireless routers come in all shapes and sizes, so it helps to find a router that supports your own needs. Let’s take a look at the specific categories you should consider when purchasing a router.

wireless router guide


Costs for renting a wireless router from your ISP tends to range from $5 to $10 a month. Purchasing a wireless router online or in-store can range from $15 to over $500 dollars depending on the capabilities. That being said, most of the routers on our list range from $70 to $150. This shows that money doesn’t always mean “better.” It really does depend on what you are looking for in a wireless router. But it does help to pay a little extra for something nice.


The speed of the router completely depends on you and your lifestyle. It’s believed that the higher the speed, the better the streaming. However, even low-cost routers are capable of high-speeds, and vice versa. So, don’t go throwing money at the most expensive router you find and expect it to work. The average, or most common, routing speed is possibly the 1300 Mbps/800 Mbps dual-band. Anything above 1000 Mbps/600 Mbps should perform well enough.


The range is an extremely important factor when considering the size of a house or office. Smaller, cheaper routers are a perfect option for smaller homes or apartments. On the other hand, expensive routers aren’t always best for large houses. If you do live in a large home, consider finding a router with 2 or more antennas. Antennas help to lengthen range for continuously strong signals.

Another way to extend range is to consider where you’ll place the router. The center of the house is always a good option as the signals can stretch to all four corners equally. For a small growing business, a wire extender can also help lengthen range for better use.

Additional Features

Additional features can vary based on purpose, such as the difference between Parental controls and Guest Networks. Some wireless routers offer features that are meant to protect against malware, while others are for convenience. A few have pre-set Guest Networks, while others offer apps for monitoring or scheduling internet use. Certain routers are best for certain locations or use based on their additional features. An example of this would be a Guest Network option for a small business owner.

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