County Line Antique Tractor Pullers Association

Weight Classes: Antique – 2500, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500
Open – 4000, 5000, 6000,

Antique tractor is 1955 and older.
Antique classes are open to all factory equipped farm tractors. No modification effecting outward appearance of engine and drive train. No blowers or super chargers.
There is a $10 minimum hitch fee at all pulls.
All tractors must have fenders. No fenders, no pull.
If at anytime while pulling anything falls off tractor, then tractor is disqualifiied.
A tractor may pull in only one weight class unless the judges allow jumping of classes.
Antique classes must pull in Ist or 2nd gear. Plus classes may pull in any gear up to 5 mph.
Pullers assume all risk and management shall not be responsible for injury to any person whomsoever by any part of any exhibit. Pullers shall take every precaution to preserve the safe everyone present and shall indemnify all Sponsors against all claims from negligence of the person in charge of the exhibit.
Drawbars must be clear for hooking. Neither the top of the drawbar or the top of the pulling point exceed 20″ from the ground. A strong and rigid drawbar cannot move up or down during the pull minimum of 24″ behind the axle center to center of the clevis. Clevis must meet judges’ safety standards. No weights can exceed beyond the hitching point. Front weight bracket and weights to extend no farther than 11ft from center of rear axle.
All tractors will pull on a clevis or hitching device and it is supplied by the tractor owner and have a minimum of 3″ diameter hole.
Tractor must be running when crossing the scales
Driver must be seated and have full control of his machine at all times until after he pulls.
While hooking, the tractor must be in neutral with driver’s hands up.
Only one pull is allowed unless a tie is declared or the tractor reaches the end of the boundary. Pull is ended when the forward motion of the boat stops, or when the tractor or boat goes over side boundary. No hole digging! Driver must stop for motion of flagman or be disqualified. If, after thefirst pull, the weight machine needs re-adjustment, that first puller may choose first or third position. On any re-pull due to malfunction of the machine, the puller may drop back to 3rd position. No first puller option.
Participants shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Any evidence will lead to disqualification.
(a)Engine RPMs are not to exceed 10% over stock in Antique Class with a 3 mph speed limit. (b)Engine RPMs are not to exceed 15% over stock in Open Class with a 5 mph speed limit in Open Class.
Use of torque is allowed. All tractors must be equipped with workable brakes.
No radial tires
Cut tires allowed in any class. This rule will be reassessed in 2001
Rim and Tire sizes: maximum RIM width of 10″ allowed 2500# class; 11″ 3500# class; 12″ 4500# class; 14″ 5500# class; 14″ 6500# class; maximum tire width of 18.4″ allowed for rims up to 33″, maximum tire width of 15.5″ allowed for rims over 33″; 12″ rim allowed up to 33″ tire .
No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled or sled hitch.
Contestants must be at least 14 years of age and have parent’s/guardians signature on consent form if contestant is under 16. Youths 14 to16 years of age may only operate their own parent’s tractor.
Four (4) judges officiating per pull

*All decisions are final and Judges have the right to accept, reject or disqualify tractors before/after weighing, during the pull if it is being operated in an unsafe manner, or if the rules of the event are not being followed.