Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association

Welcome to Antique Tractor Pulling in Mid Michigan.  The Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association (MMOGTA) has been putting on a series of  transfer sled pulls in the Mid Michigan area since 1994.  This season nine pulls are scheduled, eight as part of the regular points series and one at the annual show.  Although most of the pulls this year are scheduled at the clubs showgrounds, in years past we have traveled to surrounding towns to put on pulls at local events.

This years pulling classes include Antique, Antique Plus and Open.  The Antique class is for show tractors or tractors that are still used around the farm that were made before 1957. Tractors in this class must remain completely stock including appearance, horsepower, rpm and a 3 mph speed limit.  The Antique Plus class is for higher horsepower tractors made before 1957. Tractors in this class are also limited to 4.5 mph speed limit and are allowed 20% over stock rpm. Although tractors in this class look relatively stock in appearance, most have been set-up for pulling and won’t be found doing much work around the farm.  The Open class is similar to the Plus class except there is no speed limit or age limit and a larger tire may be used.  Tractors in this class have been modified to the point where they won’t be seen doing much other than pulling.  The V-8 Open class has tractors using small block V8’s running at 6000 RPM with a 410 cubic inch limit..  Tractors in this class must keep the stock wheel base so they are stock appearing other than smallblock between the frame rails.

Thank you for your interest in Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association tractor pulling.  We want to keep you up to date with all the latest pulling information.