Lake Shore Antique Tractor Pulling Club

CLASSES: Stock – 2750, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500,
Plus – 2750, 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500
Open – 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500
*Combined – 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 *rule 14 does not apply
  1. Any brand tractor of a model manufactured in 1957 or before is eligible to compete. Tractors must be of two-wheel-drive type with no duals allowed. All tractors must have stock (or acceptable substitute) fenders and a complete front end assembly.
  2. All tractors must be equipped with a working governor that limits engine speed, both at high idle and at full load, to within 10% of M&W Specs. No over-ride devices allowed.
  3. Tires: A. Rubber tires cannot measure more than 15.5″ wide. Diameter may not exceed original equipment by more than 2″. B. Cut tires: Any cut will be allowed.  C. 18.4″ tires are allowed in OPEN CLASSES ONLY
  4. The top of the drawbar and hitchpoint must not exceed 20″ from the ground. The rear of the pulling hole may not be more than 1.25″ from the back edge of the hitching device and must be a minimum of 18″ behind the center of the rear axle. The drawbar must be rigid in all directions and the hole, at least 3″ in diameter, must be clear for hooking.
  5. No portion of the tractor may exceed more than 18″ behind the rear tires or 11′ from the center of rear axle to the furthest most front weight, or interfere with the sled in anyway.
  6. The only fuels allowed are those recommended by the manufacturer or gasoline.
  7. Engine block or jugs and carburetor must be standard (or acceptable substitute) parts for the year and model of the tractor. Power blocks are an acceptable substitute.
  8. All tractors may pull in lst or 2nd gear as provided by the manufacturer in the stock classes.  Tractors with T/A may use either high or low range but may not change while moving. The pace rope will be run at 2.5 mph in stock classes
  9. For any PLUS classes:  A. Tractors can pull in lst, 2nd or 3rd gears.  B. The pace rope will run at 4 mph.
  10. No slipping of the clutch once engaged. While hooking the tractor, the driver must have hands up and foot off the clutch. While pulling, the driver must remain seated and in full control of the tractor at all times.
  11. Only one pull is allowed unless a tie is declared.  The pull is ended when forward motion stops or the tractor stalls or reaches a side boundary. The driver must obey the flagman or be disqualified.  A second attempt will be allowed if the driver terminated the first attempt within 50′ of fhe starting line for adjustments.  No tractor may compete more than once per class.
  12. The Driver must be at least 14 years old. Parent must be present for ages 14 and 15, and parental signature is required for 16 and 17 year olds.
  13. Each tractor will be limited to 4 hooks per pulling event. The 4 hooks may be in any class that the tractor meets requirements.
  14. OL 66,Farmall H, AC WC, Ford 800 and above and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 3500#. Massey 33, Oliver 77, JD-A 1939 and down and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 4000#. Oliver 88, Farmall M, Massey 44, MM-U, JD-G, Case-C/D, JD-A 1940 and up and like size tractors are not allowed in classes below 4500#. Massey 55, IH W-9, IH WK-40, Case LA, Case 600, Moline GB, Moline GBD, Oliver 99 and all like size tractors are not allowed below 5500#.
  15. OPEN CLASS tractors can not pull in stock classes, but can pull in plus classes if the tractor meets the requirements.
  16. Participants must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Violations of this rule will result in your membership being revoked, and you will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the year.
  17. Pulling positions for each class will be determined by a drawing.
  18. The entry fee for all participants will be $10.00 per hook, except the club President, Vice President, and the Secretary-Treasuer which will be $5.00 per hook.
  19. The owner and or driver of the tractor will not hold the contest, committee, judges, or individuals connected with the contest responsible in any way for the theft or injwy to persons or property.
  20. Any tractor can pull that meets safety requirement, but not weight class requirements, for $5.00 BUT will not be eligible for a placing or prizes.
  21. The contest governed by judges whose decisions are final. Judges have the right to accept, reject, or disqualify tractors and/or drivers before, during and after weigh-in, also, before, during, or after the pull if it is being operated in an unsafe manner, or if the rules are not being obeyed.
  22. Only the judges have the right to tack any tractor for any reason without a $25.00 protest fee.
  23. PROTEST RULE: Any participant feels that another participant is in violation of any rule, he may protest this violation for a fee of $25.00. Thejudges will hold the $25.00 until they have determined whether the participant in question has or has not been in violation of the rules. All protests must be made prior to the distribution of prizes.  IF THE RULES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED: The protestor keeps the $25, and the other person is disqualified for that class.  IF THE RULES HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED: The participant in question receives the $25
  24. Wheelie bars are required in all classes. The wheelie bars must be a minimum of 32″ back from the centerpoint of the rear axle to the front of the pad. The pad must be a minimum of 25 sq inches. The pad must be no more than 10 inches from the ground The wheelie bar must support the weight of the tractor weighted down to the heaviest weight class of the tractor pulls while being jacked up.


  1. High idle 20% over M&W specs
  2. 18.4″ – 38″ tires will be allowed.
  3. Any cut on tire allowed
  4. MTA’s are allowed to shift.
  5. Any gear